Can I swim at Lilypad?

Absolutely you can. There is a swimming platform with ladder perfectly positioned at the back deck.The water at Palm Beach is beautifully clean and a morning dip is a must! Temperatures vary from summer at around 21 degrees celsius and in winter down to a refreshing 17 degrees. There are also floating water toys onboard for you to relax on. 

Do you need boating experience to stay and enjoy lilypad?

No, Lilypad has been designed specifically from the ground up to host those who have previously been intimated by boats or have simply not had experience with boats. A private tender with driver is available throughout your stay should you want to come ashore for any reason. You will have your own self drive boat with steering wheel for you to explore at your own pace. No boat license is required to use it however we will show you how to safely and comfortably operate it. Our helpful shore team is never more than a phone call away should you have any questions or need assistance throughout your stay.

How do I get to lilypad from the land?

When you arrive at Lilypad’s wharf to check in you will be welcomed by the tender boat driver who will help you with your bags and take you out to Lilypad, a short 30 sec boat ride from the private wharf. Once onboard you will be welcomed by your host with champagne and a tasting plate. After a quick introduction to Lilypad and it’s features the host will leave you to enjoy at your own pace. You can then call the private tender from Lilypad’s onboard phone to get picked up whenever you like for the duration of your stay. There is also a self drive inflatable boat included free of charge that requires no boat license to operate. 

How many people can stay?

Lilypad is licensed for two adults overnight. We do have a fold out bed available for children 12 and under. If you wish to have additional guests onboard, enquire about our lunch and event bookings where you can host up to 16 people onboard for an unforgettable afternoon on the water. 

Is there food onboard?

We have a range of gourmet meal options available when booking from premium BBQ packs with pre-made salads and sides to market fresh fish options and pokè bowls. We curate these meals to be paired with wines in the cellar and give you an easy guide on how to perfectly cook your meat, fish or vegetarian selection. We can also arrange reservations at one of a hand full of beautiful restaurants in the area, just let us know when you make your booking in the comments section and we will call to discuss a preferred style of restaurant with you. We will even pick you up and drop you off by boat for your dinner reservation.

What happens if it is bad weather for my booking date?

Lilypad is a great space to enjoy the sun and the sea, it has also been designed as an amazing winter retreat. If there is rain forecast, light the fire, read a book or binge on Netflix - there is nothing more relaxing than staying on the water when the rain is coming down. Lilypad has been positioned in a bay protected from wind and waves, however on the very rare occasion it is deemed to be forecast as unsafe weather with extreme winds, you will be notified 5 days out from your stay and then again 48 hrs from your stay giving you the opportunity to rebook at no extra cost. The Lilypad Group abides by both RMS and AMSA guidelines and legislation, as such we reserve the right to postpone or refund a booking in the case of extreme weather to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

What can I do during my stay?

Ask our concierge for guidance before your stay and we can prepare a unique step by step guide specifically for you to make the most of your stay. We can curate a memorable experience doing as little or as much as you like, including:

  • A guide on exploring surrounding private beaches in your own self drive boat

  • Our favourite local restaurants and cafes to visit

  • The best walking trails

  • Water activities including fishing tips, snorkelling and paddle boarding 

  • Local picnic spots

  • Onboard massage and beauty treatments

The list goes on!

Where should I park

We suggest driving you car down Snappermans Ln all the way to the beach. Our Lilypad host will meet you here to unload your bags. You can then park anywhere on Iluka rd and stroll back to the wharf where your bags and private boat driver will be waiting to take you out to Lilypad.