Members only exclusive floating villa
Walk on walk off service
Luxurious overnight stays
Host group lunches for friends or clients

The inspiration ...


"For us the ocean has always created and owned a poetic romance like no other. It conjures a sense all of it's own, creating an experience that is unattainable anywhere else. The Lilypad team has captured this beauty to be experienced in a way like never before - ultimate comfort for the non boating person. From the bathroom fixtures and wall to ceiling tiles to the humidity controlled cellar, Lilypad brings what the marine experience and boating world has never identified itself missing and the result is the ultimate reset button and entertaining experience.

By combining innovative engineering, classic design and traditional craftsmanship there is a sense of real connection to her marine environment. The name Lilypad captures the essence of this vessel presciently. She is a low lying vessel with an unparrealled connection to the body of water she rests on. Offering a large footprint both fore and aft and across her beam, Lilypad is the most stable of platforms in which to be on, a somewhat of an island feel is created. The design and construction beneath the waterline is the true secret to Lilypad, it is this that has unlocked the ability for us to create penthouse villa living whilst drifting with the rhythmic sounds and movements of the ocean.

Fully immersing yourself in a body of water is deeply personal, calming and reflective moment, an almost out of this world split second experience. The senses are somewhat muted, yet in the silence there is a deafening therapeutic beauty. Identifying these moments is what gave birth to the concept, capturing the healing qualities that come with floating. Equally there was an identification of the elements that were previously missing, stable, flat surfaces with uncompromised finishes and luxuries ensuring you can relax and entertain in ultimate comfort.

We have created the perfect space to both reset from the world in ultimate comfort or host friends and colleagues in a way like never before."

Chuck Anderson - Head Design and MD